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Lisa Strbac's Homeopathy Guide

This 33 page Homeopathy Guide was created especially for you all and covers the essentials on Homeopathy including:

  • How to select a remedy
  • How to dose a remedy
  • How remedies are made
  • Your FAQs such as how to give to babies, how to store remedies and more
  • AND details 11 essential Homeopathic remedies to get started


Congratulations on discovering Homeopathy!

10 Homeschool Curriculums for Parents of Self-Directed Learners

Visionary parents know self-directed learning is the future of education. But how can you teach your children this new way, if you went to public school or never studied self-directed learning? No problem. I have an easy-to-use download right here for you, for free. 🙂

As a homeschool coach for parents, I’ve seen where many parents need support. This is often times in the area of curriculum. This shows up as, “What am I going to teach my child?” So, my free gift to you includes 10 curriculums that will empower you with ideas, structures, and inspiration to support you and your child on your self-directed learning adventures.

You will discover empowered curriculums, such as: The World as the Classroom, Questions, Laundry, Cooking, Self-Care, Self-Entertainment, Giving, and more!

Terrain: The Film

This two-part documentary, produced by Andrew Kaufman, MD, and Marcelina Cravat, explores the tyrannical world pandemic hoax, built upon the flawed model of illness and disease, known as Germ Theory.

It offers an in-depth exploration of Terrain Theory, a model for health that works in symbiosis with nature to promote wellness and healing free of a corrupt and flawed medical paradigm.

Terrain motivates and inspires viewers to understand the power and responsibility of consent.

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The Livestream World Premiere Events took place on February 5th and 12th, 2022 at 7pm EST.

Somavedic Discount

High end, rest and recovery frequency therapy device that is designed to improve the body’s regeneration processes. The results are improved sleep, brighter mood, and cellular regeneration support.

Creates a harmonic field in your environment reaching 100 feet in all directions, penetrating through walls and floors.

60-Day money back guarantee ~ risk free and a 5 year warranty.

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discount will only be active from July 11th – August 1st.

Shots Fired

by Shannon Rowan, newly released May 2023

A very comprehensive, in-depth exposé on vaccines and allopathic medicine.

Some of the topics covered in the book include:
– Vaccine & Germ Theory history
– Origins of modern allopathic medicine & mind control in medical school
– True origins of disease, medical apartheid & the fallout from the first mandated vaccines
– Disease & vaccine statistics manipulation & corruption within industry and regulatory bodies
– Vaccine ingredients
– Adverse effects of mRNA shots & Covid-19 hospital death protocols
– Hidden transhumanist & communitarian agendas at play
– How we can detox from poisoned needles & safeguard our humanity & human-kindness for ourselves and future generations.

This is a 99 paged sample from the 723 pages (plus 74 additional pages of endnote citations) book, including the Introduction, Chapter One (“Cow Medicine for the Human Herd”) and Chapter Four (“Germ Theory and the Viral Paradigm”).

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