Be A Part Of Internet History As We End COVID Together

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'Tis the season to share the truth! Share the gift of timeless terrain-based wisdom from our expert lineup of presenters along with cutting-edge health and wellness solutions for your community during this holiday season.

PLUS, recently confirmed speakers: Dr. Mark Bailey, Dr. Sam Bailey, Dawn Lester, Mike Donio, Dr. Amandha Vollmer, Matt Roeske, Eric Coppolino, Michael Wallach, John Blaid, Mike Stone, Alec Zeck, Mike Winner, Dr. Melissa Sell, Steven Falconer, Dr. Jordan Grant, Doc Chambers…. and more leaders being added each day!

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We’re expecting this to be the largest online educational event in history.

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With this event, we’re ending COVID.
And in the process, we’re ending scientific dogma and medical tyranny, too.

To do this, we’re organizing 90 pieces of long-form content, covering everything from masks to mandates to electron microscopy.

That’s right – with The End of COVID – we’re getting into the nitty-gritty, granular details of all things virus-related. We’re going all the way back to Bechamp vs. Pasteur, and touching on every so-called “pandemic” – up to the present.

This way, it can never happen again in the future.

Our goal is to educate the public on a mass scale with carefully curated content.

By doing this, we can expose the entire field of virology for what it is: one big show.

On July 11th – finally – this decades-long show is coming to an end. And, in large part, it will all be thanks to you.

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The launch will run from June 5 – August 1

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June 5 – July 10

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July 11 – August 1

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October 1st – 11th

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December 31

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September 21 and December 31


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The End Of Covid Team

Alec Zeck

The Way Forward

Mike Winner

Alfa Vedic / Music and Sky

Dr. Amandha Vollmer

YumNaturals / Healing with DMSO

Dawn Lester

What Really Makes You Ill

Mike Donio

Science Defined

Jacob Diaz

IG: UnderCoverVirologist

Dr. Kelly Brogan

Vital Mind Reset

Mike Stone

Dr. Stanton Hom

Future Generations

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