Understand what actually happened the last 3 years

Class is officially in session!  It’s time to start unlearning everything we thought we knew about health, revisit the history around ‘pandemics’ and explore new facts around the true science of ‘contagion’.

By donating today you’ll gain access to over 90 podclasses organized like a college course to take you step by step through the entire narrative around COVID.  Each of these sessions includes links to the speakers, hosts and reference materials for further research.

Never before has such a deep compendium of information surrounding pandemics, the science of virology and our greater health story been delivered to the public in this way. There is no rush, however. By donating today you gain lifetime access to the content.

Video Introduction to the The End of Covid

Please help us spread the word so more men and women can discover this invaluable information. You can get printable flyers to post around your town or city here. Thanks for the support!

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